NCDC Principles

Guiding Principles

In addition to the Mission Statement, the Clinical Director Consortium has adopted the following policy recommendations and positions.

    1. ACCESS
      1. Patients should have access to safe, reliable, medical cannabis products.
      2. Patients without ability to pay should have support with the Compassionate Use Fund aka The Fakiza Rahman Act.
      3. Compassionate Use Program through MMCC should be available for referral from Clinical Directors throughout Maryland
      4. Processors should provide detailed mg/ml milligram inclusive dosing on packaging
      5. Medical cannabis edible products should have standardized formulations for continuity towards medical cannabis patients. Reliability and continuous supply chains are critical for efficacy.
      6. Medical patients need continual access above adult use.
      1. Any legalization initiative, or law, should include a restorative justice provision restoring full citizenship rights to non-violent individuals convicted under the state’s drug laws.
      2. Positive cannabis tests alone should not be used to justify the disruption of parental rights or the family unit. (The disruption of the family unit and incarceration of an individual has far-reaching detrimental health effects on both the individual and the family.)
      3. Positive test alone should not disallow someone from employment. CDC will support robust, scientifically sound research that is appropriate
      4. Cannabis and metabolite testing should be removed from employment and drug screens across the board 
      1. Teaching curricula on the endocannabinoid system should be incorporated into the basic training programs of all health providers, especially by medical schools, residency programs, and CME courses.
      2. Mentorship programs will be established in the state to give a period of hands on experience for healthcare providers or educated Clinical Directors.

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