NCDC Goals


    1. To share clinical experience with our Clinical Director peers, to increase education and to remain abreast of the latest research in field of cannabis, and
    2. To develop and promote best practice standards for the care of medical cannabis patients, and
    3. To track and evaluate patient outcomes protecting patient privacy to fullest extent possible, and
    4. To develop and provide education for dispensary staff, patients, community, and industry, and
    5. To lead by example to reduce the stigma surrounding the medicinal use of cannabis.
    6. To develop a mentorship/internship program for health care providers new to this role
    7. To advocate for appropriate product labeling and disclosure (complete CoA)


    1. A place at the table with MMCC (Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission)
    2. A place at the table with NCIA (National Cannabis Industry Association
    3. A white paper about the importance of medical oversight for medical cannabis patients as a necessity for all dispensaries in the country. NCDC will present to ACNA and Patients Out of Time.

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